AUSTIN LAND CLEARING LLC: Making Your Property Look Better

  • Austin Land Clearing is making waves as an up-and-comer in the industry by providing five-star services all over Texas. We serve clients of all sorts, from Ranchers that need pastures cleared for livestock, to soon-to-be homeowners with a plot of land currently covered in plant life that needs to be cleared out entirely so they can start building the home of their dreams!

    We do more than just clearing out land. We also perform essential maintenance work on areas that have previously been cleared but run the risk of being overgrown, as well as hauling debris from fields or lots that need to be cleared. However large your plot of land and whatever condition it is in, Austin Land Clearing can help to make it look its best and keep it looking breathtaking!


Need the Right Team for the Job? You Need Austin Land Clearing! We Offer:

  • Best-in-Industry Equipment

  • A Well-Trained, Professional Team

  • A Variety of Services To Offer for Both Residential & Business Lots

  • A Wide Area of Service

  • Pristine, Beautiful Land Where Plants Once Reigned!



Austin Land Clearing is here to help to clear out those targeted areas of brush or trees on your land quickly and easily. Land clearing is what we’re known for, as it’s the main service we provide. While we mainly help those looking to make a lot suitable for building a house upon, we can also clear land for a wide variety of industries, such as for agricultural uses, commercial building developments, and industrial facilities.

Land clearing can also be essential for protecting the health of the plant life on your property! In areas where natural pressures can’t kill off old, sick, and dead brush or trees, or in locations where too many trees are already growing, an excess of plant life in one place can deplete the soil of nutrients and actually deprive healthy trees of the nourishment they need to thrive.

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Large plots of land, fields, and other areas more spacious than your front yard can be impossible to keep looking clean and sharp with a regular push mower. Even smaller riding mowers, while more comfortable than pushing the mower manually, are better suited towards large lawns than entire fields. Instead of futilely trying to keep things clear on your own, give Austin Land Clearing a call. We have the team and the resources to help save your property, park, or commercial lot from being overrun and neglected.

Having a brush hog service isn’t just a good way to save a couple of hours; having property you’re in charge of mowed consistently can help the grass to grow healthier and thicker, while curbing the growth of weeds. Even if you plan to one day develop the lot or property, keeping it mowed can cut down on the work you need to do when that time comes.




A hydro ax is a tool that attaches to the front of a skid steer (bobcat) and is good for everything from taking down small trees and dense brush to spreading a layer of mulch your topsoil will love. Done properly, hydro ax mulching can get rid of unsightly plant life and give what remains the chance to grow even better than it was before.

A hydro ax is essentially a giant paper shredder, and consumes everything in its path. It’s real strength, though, is in its precision. If you’re trying to clear out only specific trees on your property and leave the rest of it intact (such as those pesky cedar trees that just won’t go away), a hydro ax is the perfect way to get them out of there while leaving everything else untouched. It’s more controlled, more effective, and better for everything else in the area than just using a bulldozer to clear your land out. We have nothing against dozer work, don’t get us wrong. We have experience doing that as well. But sometimes a more delicate but equally effective touch is needed, and that’s when we break out the hydro ax.



Land maintenance

Even if your land has been cleared and it’s looking great here and now, if you don’t plan to start building on that property soon, it’s eventually going to start to look overgrown and neglected once more. There’s so much more to land care than the occasional mowing. It can involve making sure cleared-out areas stay clear and healthy by removing any particularly stubborn trees or shrubbery, by keeping existing plant life healthy or even help with managing soil erosion. There’s no one-solution-fits-all plans for land maintenance, so if you have a plot in need of care, give Austin Land Clearing a call and we’ll help get you sorted out!


What Else Can We Do?

The better question is what can’t we do? And when it comes to lot clearing and land care, there’s not much we haven’t done before. Other services we provide include:

  • House Demolition

  • Excavator Work

  • Bulldozer Work

  • Dirt Work

  • Pond digging and Maintenance

  • Tree trimming and removal

  • Stump Removal

  • Material hauling (price dependent upon material being hauled, give us a call for more information)

  • More!

If you need something you don’t see on this list, and it has to do with lot clearing or preparing a lot for building, give us a call and we’ll be happy to do what we can to help!