Land Clearing


Make Your Land Look Its Very Best 

Offering services ranging from land clearing to stump grinding, Austin Land Clearing has experience making lots all across Texas look absolutely stunning. Land clearing is a vital part of improving your land’s health, making it look more aesthetically pleasing, and even helping prepare it for development. Whether you just need a lot cleaned up before you build on it or you’re looking at converting an overgrown field into a pasture, Austin Land Clearing is capable of handling jobs of all sizes and complexity. Request a FREE quote today!

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Austin Land Clearing Can Help By:

  • Junk & debris removal to help with the cleaning process

  • Clearing lots, fields, and more

  • Tree trimming

  • brush & tree clearing

  • Stump grinding to ensure unwanted trees don’t come back!)

  • Dirt work for new builds

  • Cleaning up forested areas/areas with overgrown plantlife

  • Pond digging/maintaining

Give Your Land the Care It Needs to Thrive

Austin Land Clearing’s primary goal is to help you to most efficiently take care of your land. Whether you’re looking to build on your land or just clean it up, serious harm can be done to land that is not treated properly. Hiring a company to clear land or remove junk that doesn’t mind cutting corners can lead to soil erosion, which can lead to damage to plant life in the area that can be irreversible. By taking shortcuts and increasing the salinity of your land, companies not adhering to the proper procedures can even ruin land entirely.


How Austin Land Clearing Is Different

Austin Land Clearing originally began as a side-offering of our fencing and construction work. We have become well-known for the quality of our work since opening our doors in 2002, and have been hired all over the state of Texas for residential and commercial land clearing and construction. In 2019, we chose to pivot and focus primarily upon land clearing, as we offer some of the most comprehensive service in the area by combining skilled technicians with some of the best equipment on the market.

Scott, the founder of Austin Land Clearing, has nearly two decades of experience with all aspects of construction, fencing, and land clearing. This means that, if you need land cleared before a house building, he has the eye needed to look at the site and gauge exactly what needs to be done so the job can be completed as quickly, efficiently, and professionally as possible, while making preparations to minimize the start-up time of future projects. Let Austin Land Clearing Help you!


What Can Austin Land Clearing Do?

It’s not very helpful of us to say we can do everything, but… Austin Land Clearing can do it all. We have a few specific land-clearing services that stand out as our most popular requests, and are some offerings we truly specialize in. Those are:

Basic Land Clearing

Basic land clearing may seem like a simple enough task, but if done wrong it can be ineffective at stopping future growth down the line or, even worse, harm your land and strip it of its vital nutrients. With a variety of practices that actively encourage your lot’s health such as hydro ax mulching and the targeted removal of diseased, dying, or dead trees, Austin Land Clearing’s services go far past simply improving how good your land looks. Land clearing is essential for anyone who is looking to build (whether that development is residential or commercial), to clear out dead or dying overgrowth before it becomes a fire risk, or for the development of farming land or pastures.

Stump Grinding & Removal

Clearing unwanted trees is a difficult task that, unless done properly, results in trees that are only temporarily disposed of. In the event that the trees you’re clearing are an invasive species detrimental to the health of your other plantlife by sapping vital nutrients or depriving them of sunlight, it’s essential to go with a crew that can make sure that they’re gone for good. To ensure that an annoying or intrusive tree won’t come back, stump removal is the service you want to ask for. This is the best way to not only kill the tree, but if ground into mulch, can be excellent fertilizer for remaining plantlife as well! Stump grinding is one of Austin Land Clearing’s most requested services, so rest assured that if you need to make absolutely sure your tree is gone for good, we’re who you need to call!

Dirt Work

Dirt work covers everything from importing dirt to job sites when needed, to carrying dirt away from lots before or during construction. While primarily for construction, exporting dirt from your lot can also be useful if you are digging a pond on land, putting a pool in your backyard, or otherwise replacing a large lot of dirt with other materials, such as putting a walk-out deck on the basement of your dream home! With a background in construction, you can rest assured that Austin Land Clearing has the experience and equipment needed to safely and quickly handle any dirt or pond work you have!

Junk Clearing

From clearing out land that was just recently purchased to finally cleaning up a lot you’re ready to build on, Austin Land Clearing’s junk cleaning services are perfect for helping you get your land looking great again! This is a very individualized service, so please contact us now for a quote!