Pond Construction

Austin Land Clearing Can Help With All Your Pond Construction Needs


Austin Land Clearing is your number one choice for land clearing services to the Austin and Alvine areas of Texas. Today, we’re sharing the steps we go through to build a backyard pond oasis.

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Clearing The Lot

Proper land clearing of the area is essential for having a solid foundation for your pond’s construction. This is something that we at Austin Land Clearing can help with! We can remove any trees, stumps, etc. that may be in the area you are wanting your pond. We will also properly dispose of any debris you have around the area.

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Site Prepping

Prepping The Site

When preparing the site, it’s important to call your local dig line before you commence preparing your pond. Underground utility lines are everywhere, and knowing the location is essential so you can put your pond in an area distant from electrical and water lines. You can find your number by searching online or calling your gas provider for more information. When it comes to choosing the location for your pond, we can help you pick a spot where your pond will get a mix of sun and shade throughout the day. Sun is necessary to keep your pond healthy, but too many UV rays mean algae could overgrow.

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Site Excavation

It’s time to break ground! It is very important to book an excavator to dig the pond for you so you’re not breaking your back. We can help with that! We will dig the pond and make sure that your plan and measurements are precise. From there we will lightly slope the edges of the pond down approaching the center of the base. There is always the option to include marine plants around the pond. In that case, we would dig tiny platforms in the pond to create shelves where the plants can flourish and would recommend spreading a 1.2-inch layer of sand over the pond's base. This will help to protect the pond liner from any sharp stones that may cause punctures.

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Pond Construction

In terms of the pool construction, we will install an EPDM pond liner at least 4 ft longer than the pond. What we will do is arrange the liner in the heart of the pond and roll it out over the bottom, up the sides, and over the border, making sure that it is evenly pressed into all crevices. Once that is complete, it is time to fill the pond up with water. We will gently pull each side of the liner taut to keep it in place and then construct a border around the pond with boulders and stones. The goal is to cover the pond edge and pond liner areas beyond the perimeter with rocks and stones. One thing we recommend doing is installing a good pond filter if you plan to add fish to your pond.

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Viola! You’re now free to add marine plants and fish to your backyard pond and enjoy the little oasis! Building a pond yourself can be a lot of work and there are a lot of steps included to ensure the project goes off flawlessly. Give us at Austin Land Clearing a call today. We are ready to help clear your land and create the dream pond you are looking for!

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