Hydro Ax Mulching

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You can think of hydro ax mulching as a sustainable land clearing method. Hydro ax mulching is a method of using a skid steer loader with an attachment that can easily maneuver in small spaces and remove trees with precision. Rather than using larger heavier equipment, such as a dozer, to clear large swaths of land, with hydro ax mulching, you can remove just a few trees for a preserved appearance.

Austin Land Clearing is a family-owned business that specializes in many land clearing services, including hydro ax mulching. We serve both residential and commercial customers all throughout Texas. Our mission is to leave your space free from debris and 100 times better.

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  • Affordable land clearing option. There's no doubt that heavy machinery is expensive to operate. Not only do they usually require another vehicle to transport them to your location, but they also require a skilled operator. With hydro ax mulching, the heavy equipment is relatively smaller and takes comparatively less skill to operate efficiently.

  • Precise land clearing. Because a hydro ax mulcher is a small attachment, it is possible to plan your tree removal and leave some standing. If your brush and trees are up against a fence, a hydro ax mulcher can easily work up close without threat of knocking down your fence accidentally.

  • Enriches the soil. With hydro ax clearing, the trees and brush are turned into mulch. This mulch can be left behind if requested by the customer. This is rich natural material that will enrich your soil, which makes it inviting to plant a garden in afterward.

  • Environmentally sustainable. Since the trees and brush are mulched during the removal process, there are no large tree stumps or branches that will need to be brought to the landfill for disposal. Everything is recycled back to the earth from which it came — the truest form of recycling available.


Austin Land Clearing has been a leader in the residential and commercial construction and land clearing industry in Texas since 2002. We've grown over the years, which has allowed us to start providing many different services. We offer land clearing, mowing, hydro ax mulching, land maintenance services, and so much more. If you have land improvement needs, odds are, we can help. From stump removal and dirt work to pond digging and house demolition, we can provide you with the very best services. Give our team a call for a quote today!